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Reactivity Digital Media is a digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media company that creates customized, actionable, and appealing advertising. We place your ads on displays, (Large Flat Screen TV’s), inside high traffic businesses.

Along with onscreen advertising, viewers can enjoy real time news, sports, entertainment and editorial content which keeps them engaged with the screens. We offer Advertising on TV screens and/or Custom Solutions for your professional office or retail store. If you are interested in more information from us, click here.


We are a Full Service Digital Design Agency that provides Turn Key Digital Signage

What is digital-out-of-home-media?

Any advertisement you see, displayed in a digital format, when out and about in your daily routine. Wherever you look these days, especially in large cities, you’re exposed to out-of-home advertising; on the side of busses, on billboards, in malls and even at gas stations, to name a few.

Why digital media?

As the amount of time people spend out of home is increasing, so is the opportunity to gain exposure for your business. Whether consumers are waiting for an appointment, eating out, or waiting in a checkout line, businesses are taking the opportunity to share information about their products or services. With the use of digital screens located in close proximity to their businesses and within venues used to target a specific consumer demographic, businesses are reaping the benefits of DOOH. By sharing an up close and personal advertising experience with potential new customers, businesses are stamping their brand on consumer awareness and increasing their bottom line.

As it becomes more difficult to grab consumer attention, in a world of fragmented ad placement; DVR fast forward, devices that remove or bypass traditional TV ads, decreased use of print publications and consumer ability to avoid ads, so comes DOOH, with its captivating motion content. We can initiate consumer interaction when they are out and about, in the shopping mode, as they move through the point of transit. Motion compells us to look at whats moving and the bright lights and animation of a TV screen is guaranteed to grab attention. No one can resist it’s appeal. It is proven over and over again that digital screens capture attention like nothing else. Whether a screen is being used to show video or changing images, Reactivity Digital Media screens are always eye-catching. Customers are much more likely to take notice of moving advertisements than static. We also have the ability to utilize sound, meaning it appeals to two of the five senses, rather than just one.

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